Core Committees



Chair: Andreas Kopf

Vice Chair: Morten Høgh 

Working Groups

EMPTY (do not remove)
EDPM Curriculum

Revision of the EDPM curriculum Chair: Bart Morlion


Ethel Hili
Paolo Martelletti
Michael Schäfer
Manohar Sharma
Andrea Truini

Undergraduate Curriculum

Revision of the undergraduate curriculum Chair: Andreas Kopf


Martin Dush
Tamar Pincus
Thibaut Vanneste

Common Training Framework

Development of CTF Chair: Andreas Kopf


Silviu Brill
Liam Conroy
Samir Husic
Nebosja Ladjevic
Sarah Nica


Organisation of the exam Chair: Liam Conroy


Juan Perez-Cajaraville
Chris Wells


Organisation of the exam

Chair: Harriet Wittink


Catherine Blake
An De Groef
Catherine Doody
Brona Fullen
Morton Hogh
Mira Meeus
Diana Rodrigues
Anabela Silva

Nursing Curriculum
Development of curriculum


Emma Briggs


Rianne van Boekel
Emma Briggs
Susan Broekmans
Irmela Gnass
Morten S Høgh
Petra Mandysova
Nadja Nestler
Pat Schofield

Clinical Psychology Curriculum

Development of curriculum Chair: Geert Crombez


Christine Cedraschi
Geert Crombez
Vuokko Hägg
Regine Klinger
Jordi Miro
Juha Nevantaus
Elia Valentini

Pain Schools

Coordination of schools planning

Chair: Troels Jensen


Adrian Belii
Roberto Casale
Troels Jensen
Bozena Jerkovic
Nevenka Krcevski-Skvarc
Rudolf Likar
Barbara Przewlocka
Reinhard Sittl
Luis Villanueva

Patient Education

Development of Educational tools for patients Chair: Snezana Tomasevic


Ekaterina Abramova
Daniele Battelli
Muriel Bellizzi
Aleksandra Shilova
Periklis Zavrides

E-learning Education Platform

Development of platform specifications Chair: Ruth Zaslansky


Salvatore Amato
Emilija Dubljanin-Raspopovic
Nanuli Ninastruili
Dorit Pud
Jill Wigmore



Chair: Gisèle Pickering

Vice Chair: Thomas Graven Nielsen

Working Groups

EMPTY (Do not remove)
Research Strategy

Development of an overarching research strategy for the Federation, to guide other projects Chair: Gisèle Pickering

Grants and Prizes

Decision-making on EFIC administered research grants and prizes Chair: Barbara Przewlocka


Dorit Pud

Clinical Affairs

Oversight of EFIC’s clinically-focused task forces

Chair: Nanna Finnerup

Read more on our Clinical Taskforces

Translational Research
Identify gaps and propose bridges between basic research and clinical needs

Chair: Thomas Graven Nielsen

Collaboration and Partnerships
Guiding the EFIC role in collaborative research projects and identifying partnership opportunities

Chair: Gisele Pickering


Advocacy and Liaison

Chair: Thomas Tölle

Working Groups

EMPTY (Do not remove)
Social Impact of Pain

SIP platform, Commission expert group Chair: Bart Morlion


Paul Cameron
Patrice Forget
Kristin Kieselbach
Nevenka Krcevski-Skvarc
Winfried Meissner 
Ana Pedro
Juan Perez-Cajaraville
Gisèle Pickering
Michiel Reneman
Pat Schofield

Networking and Liaison
Development of relations with other societies, MOUs

Chair: Thomas Tölle

Research Promotion

Advocacy activities to promote the Federation’s Research strategy Chair: Rolf Detlef Treede


Liisa Jutila
Asbjørn Mohr Drewes
Serge Perrot
Esther Pogatzki-Zahn
Rolf-Detlef Treede
Luis Villanueva

EYAP 2019

Coordination of EFIC input in the development of EYAP materials Chair: Pat Schofield


Miriam Kunz
Gisèle Pickering

EYAP 2020
Coordination of EFIC input in the development of EYAP materials

Chair: Brona Fullen

‘On the move’

Development of curriculumDevelopment of campaign materials on primary prevention and movement Chair: Brona Fullen


Henrik Bjarke Vægter
Anna Bjarnegård Sellius
Catherine Blake
Heather Cameron
Caitriona Cunningham
An De Groef
Morton Hogh
Sinead McMahon
Mira Meeus
Pete Moore
Harriet Wittink
Astrid Woodhouse

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