How to prepare

Core Curriculum

The Examination for the European Diploma in Pain Medicine (EDPM) is based on the accompanying Core Curriculum. The best place to start when preparing for the Examination is to read the Core Curriculum to ensure that your professional experience and knowledge reflects the Curriculum headings and competences necessary for attainment of the diploma.

Reading materials

Participants are advised to study the recommended reading list. Please be aware; this is a dynamic reading list and participants are asked to check for changes and additions on a regular basis. In addition, participants may benefit from studying Pain 2018: Refresher Courses from the 17th World Congress on Pain. As the Examination is designed to test actual experience of managing and treating patients, learning materials may help you prepare and refresh your memory of important subjects, but actual clinical experience is a pre-requisite.

Education Platform

As well as the Core Curriculum and reading list, it is also recommended that you join the EFIC Education Platform. The video content on this platform is derived from our Congress refresher courses and Pain Schools, which in turn are designed to reflect the Core Curriculum. We do not expect attendees to prepare by watching all of these videos, though they may serve as a refresher on key subjects where you feel you need to strengthen your knowledge.  We also recommend the interactive course of the Faculty of Pain Medicine of ANZCA as a good place to prepare yourself for our Examination before studying the recommended papers.

Congress Refresher Courses

If you plan to take the Examination after 2019, we recommend you attend the 2019 Congress of the European Pain Federation EFIC, ‘Pain in Europe XI: Bringing the Future to the Present’. The refresher courses will be developed in line with the Core Curriculum and will serve as a good ‘prep course’ for potential Examination attendees.


We organised a webinar for potential attendees on the 29th January 2019 led by Professor Bart Morlion, President of EFIC and member of the Examination Committee. The webinar can be viewed here.

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